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Frequently Asked Questions

We’d love to hear from you! For answers to all your questions or to set up a walkthrough tour, get in touch with us today.

What if my loved one is not ready to move into a community?

This is a tough one! Taking care of your loved one is a full-time job and one that is extremely important. This is why we are here! We can work with you and your loved one by touring our communities, and slowly introducing him or her to a new space. Change is hard for everybody, so patience is key. It might take some time, but we are here to help you! Give us a call, and we can work together on setting up a plan for a smooth transition.

What if my loved one needs Hospice or Palliative Care?

We work with residents with varying medical and care needs. We work with Home Health Agencies, Hospice Agencies, and Palliative Care Management Agencies to make sure that your loved one has access to good and consistent medical care!

Do you offer Memory Care?

Definitely! In fact, we specialize in Dementia and Alzheimer's Care! We have structured all Ventura County Senior Care communities to provide close care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
All our team members are highly trained in Dementia as well.

When can I visit my loved one?

Our community doors are always open for visitation! Although we do not like to put time restrictions due to varying schedules and lifestyles, we find that the best hours to visit our residents are between 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM!

What's included once my loved one moves in?

When moving your loved one into a Ventura County Senior Care community, you are not just paying for room and board. You are paying for around-the-clock care. Our wonderful caregivers bathe, dress, and groom your loved ones (incontinence care and materials included!). Meals are prepared and served, and medications are managed and administered by our team. We also take care of scheduling doctor appointments, and if you'd like, we can take your loved one to the appointments ourselves! We keep you informed of all changes and communicate with you regularly. 
Please visit our services pages for more information. 

How do I know to choose between a private or a shared room for my loved one?

The advantages of being in either a private room or a shared room vary. Depending on personal preference, as well as willingness to socialize, each resident has a different perspective on the physical space they are in when being taken care of. Whether in a private or a shared room for 2, each resident is afforded the dignity of privacy of care. Additionally, we like to keep the residents out of their rooms and socializing, so sometimes, it's not too much of a difference!

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